Saturday, February 28, 2009

Valentine's Weekend at Hsing Chu 新竹

Dear took me to her formal university, National Tsing Hua University  in Hsing Chu (新竹) on Valentine's Day. Pretty cool university, really love the environment there, it is a great place for sight viewing as well. Below are some pictures of the university:

The Pillar at the Front gate

One of the human made lake




Some random new building

After walking around her university, we decided to have dinner at the food court there. Then we head to dear's "bro" house. He lent us a home for a night =) Thanks Ah Zhong!! I presented a gift to dear, is a video that I took some time to create =D and dear loves it so much!!! Don't cry so much la~~ Later panda eyes lor... Soon after that, we head for cinema!! And watch Red Cliff 2!!

In Cinema

So different right?

Red Cliff 2

The movie ended around 3am in the morning! Hehe.. Anyway is darn worth it to watch la... Love it so much, I wonder what will happen if I watch this alone =.=

As soon as the sun rised, we went to a beach near the city. One of my dream is to walk along the beach with my gf. It finally came true!!!

Beach side..



After that, we head to the Flower market! They sells flower as well as food!!!!! I just love to eat!!

Lake beside the flower market

Many people eh!

Stinky tou fu!!

My moustache

Next trip to Newan (内湾), we stopped by at a very famous railway station along the way.

Beautiful Sakura!



Ignore me!

Here! We finally reach Newan Old Street (内湾老街) !! Here goes!! Food food and food again!!! This place is filled with cultural stuffs!! Love it!!

Old Theather

Old mailbox

Old movies sold inside the theather


I love this so much!!! Lamb stick!!

At last I rode scooter back =P

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The best night market 饶河夜市

This is one of the best night market that I've ever been 饶河夜市 (Rao He Night Market). Below are the pictures:

Behind me is the entrance

The entrance

Famous Lamb Soup 
( I still prefer the one in 罗东)

My favourite!! Pepper Biscuit!!

The making!

Tou fu fa (豆花)? So different right?

This tou fu fa (豆花) is with red bean

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taipei Lantern Festival 台北灯会

At first we suppose to go for Yi Lan lantern festival, however we found out that Taipei is having one too and so we went there =) We head for dinner first near dear's office.

Tada~!! Taipei Lantern Festival.. There are mixture of lanterns, so many types!! Made by Junior high school, senior high, teachers and family. Really impressed with their skills!!

Also, there will be having Deaflympics too. It is Olympics for deaf people. Its International as well~!! They have one Nintendo Wii in every booth such as badminton, swimming, tennis, etc.

The Lovers latern street~!! I love this place la~!! Its so romantic especially the background changing effects on Taipei City Hall, below are the pictures: