Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dinner at Jogoya

At first I thought I will be eating dinner alone yesterday because my mom not coming back for dinner.. Suddenly, Catherine and Peg-gy came to M floor around 12.30p.m. then they talk about going for dinner at Jogoya.. oh gosh.. they are the tempters, showing me those nice nice food, I also got tempted and later I called my mom for permission to go with them.. here goes the conversation..

Me : mom..
Mom: yes son?
Me : Since you are not coming back for dinner.. Can I join my friends for dinner tonight at Starhill??
Mom: ya sure..
Me : But it will be expensive
Mom: Nvm.. Once a while is ok de la.. you go enjoy with your friends la..
Me : thanks mom.. thanks!!
Mom: Enjoy! Bye~~
Me : Bye~~

And my mom agrees to let me go, Peg-gy was the first one who got a shock.. "Omg! So fast" LoL.. And here goes our plan, we will go there after college then shop at Pavilion..

After college, we are all set to go and Xin Yi also joining us for dinner.. Too bad Yi Hong and Ken couldn't make it due to the cost of the dinner.. As usual, I'm the driver, using the NPE highway to go all the way to Bangsar, making our way towards Pudu, pass through my primary school and Catherine got a shock "wah.. what a nice hotel.." Then I replied "Is not hotel la.. thats my primary school" lol.. Btw.. 6 years ago my primary school wasn't like so luxury.. Then we stucked in the Jam for like 30 minutes all the way to Sungei Wang.. First, I found a parking lot to park my car it says RM3.50.. Then Peg-gy shouted that it is 1st hour for RM3.50.. I reacted quite quickly but didn't manage to turn the car out in time.. Then I parked my car and went to ask how much they will charge for subsequent hour.. zzz.. is Rm2.50 per hour subsequently.. I quickly got back into the my car and give back the ticket and that guys charge me Rm1 DAM!!! STUPID BANGLA!! Then we've decided to park the other end of Bintang Walk which only cost us RM5 per entrance..

After parking my car, we walked all the way to Star Hill, we registered for some Travel through time gallery thingy because we didn't want to walk all the way to other side using the JWW Marriot hotel entrance.. Peg-gy led us the way to Jogoya and it is held 5th floor of Star Hill.. Unfortunately, we have to queue up again, waiting for our turn to get our sitting.. Sadly 7-9p.m. was fully booked and we have no choice but to take the 5-7p.m. time and Peg-gy's sister couldn't make it.. After that, is our turn to get our sitting, we have to pay the bill first and then the waiter shows us the way to our table.. and Here we go, start out hunting some food to eat first, eating non stop, we kinda force Catherine to eat more eat more, we acted quite Jakun as well because thats our first time seeing sooooo much foods too eat ^^ cam whoring all the time.. taking photo here and there.. and lastly we kinda swept all the types of deserts we can find there when we have 20 minutes left.. However they are quite strict with the time, when there is 5 minutes left some staff come and remind us about the time and when it is time.. The manager I think came to remind us again that we are overtime..

My first round!!
Second RoundMy beautiful King Prawn.. Only gent can order this ^^Japanese PancakeMixture of BBQ PoserPoserPosersPosers.. Man I look so young5th roundStaff preparing sukiyakiSukiyaki (Before)Sukiyaki (after)Yakisoba!! (remind me of maple =P)Mixture of Haegen Daas and Baskin Robin Ice CreamBeautiful and cute Kwai Lin GouThe desert we SAPU!!!POSERSS!!!me and lazy Catherin =P

After our dinner, the first thing we did was visit the toilet XD kesian Catherine that she ate too full and can hardly walk wakkakak.. seems like our plan work ;-) Later we walked to next door the Pavilion for shopping.. I think we walked for 1 hour plus there till all the food are digested.. Imagine.. Catherine is sooooo lazy.. When we walk in to a shop the first thing she finding is a chair to sit down and rest LOL.. didn't know Cat actually so lazy de..

Beautiful view between Pavilion and Star HillThe coloured stage in Pavilion

After that we walked all the way back to the car park and decided to try the famous Air Mata Kucing in Petaling Street.. Thanks to me and Xin Yi to tempt Peg-gy and Catherine.. I bought 5 packets while they wait in the car.. Xin Yi ordered two wow.. Then I drove them back to Peg-gy's house at Bukit Rahman Putra.. Of cause, I dropped by there for a while as well.. Argh!! and.. and.. Catherine and Peg-gy both bullied me T.T pulling me to play piano for them to hear.. eeeek.. not fair.. lucky Xin Yi is neutral but hey she could as least help me riteeeeee??? hmph!! I tried to play 3 songs lo, final fantasy return to zanarkand, eyes on me, and marriage D' Amour.. I only manage to play the whole song for marriage D' amour.. sorry sorry.. rusty liao ma.. 3 months didn't touch piano.. oh gosh... =(

Around 11.15p.m. I am already half asleep and I have to go back already.. I still wanted to stay longer de lo.. but I have to drive back awake or not.. accident might happen o.. I had soooo much fun yesterday.. Really want to thank Catherine, Peg-gy and Xin Yi for this wonderful dinner.. Really had fun with them.. especially we all almost want to vomit the food out in the restaurant.. hahaha.. A dinner full of laughter and enjoyment.. The foods are perfect and fresh.. No regret going there.. Hope we can have another outing soon ^^

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