Sunday, December 30, 2007

Updates for peg-gy's open house

OK ok...I finally updating my blog again.. hehe.. sorry guys.. I'm so lazy to update blog.. so I decided to skip xmas updates.. On that day.. I'm the driver lo.. seems like I'm VIP ho ho ho cause I have to lead 3 drivers to peg-gy's house.. hehe.. next time I'm gonna say I'm direction blind punya person =P OK.. First Peg-gy and Yi Hong went back first then they sit KTM come back to Subang so I fetch them back to Jeff's house first.. Before that, chatting with suzanne, xinyi, yvone, jeff under a no electricity TBS.. Dam.. It was hot and humid.. haha.. SUZANNE!!! I'm gonna learn tactics from Jaye then can deng you back next time.. you careful!!! Later, yi hong sms me that he reaching subang's station de.. so I went to fetch them and head to Jeff's house to pack his stuffs.. Next I brought them to my house oh ya.. and Yvone too.. Then we kept playing PS2, miao and Yi Hong played computer and Yvone watching tv with my sis.. We left the house after Suzanne called me.. I drove all the way to one U to lead the way kay... Count the toll $$$ I spend RM1.60 X 3 ho ho ho... pay me back!!! joking joking.. xD

Once me, Suzanne and Yeh Seong pass the toll.. So left De Yang one more who haven't pass the toll yet.. he using touch and go lerr.. showing his skills to cut line.. in the end.. We waited like 10 minutes and miao saw his car.. I wonder which one.. Suddenly I saw one Vios confirm is DE YANG!!! Coz.. the vios cut from touch and go lane to the most left lane and almost bang a proton car phew... luckily he came to us safely.. After waiting for his arrival =P we continue our journey to Peg-gy's house.. great.. I overshoot a junction and lead those people to jungle haha.. no doubt peg-gy's house same like Ju's house lerrr... In the jungle de hahaha =P Finally we reach her place and start helping to arrange chairs and tables and foods..

The food
Chit chat a little while after finishing arranging tables and chairs

After all the guests arrived, CHIONG!!!! start to go fight for foods.. you know la.. malaysian ho ho ho.. I'm one of them actually cut queue wakakkaka... The dinner was great!!! Thanks to Peg-gy's mommy who prepared all the food except the satay.. Thank you thank you!!! It was delicious and yummmy!!! Here are some pictures we took =)

The guys.. for girls wan go Suzanne blog wakkaka..
me enjoying ABC haiya.. another photo photo before some of them leaving

After finished our dinner.. I can't tahan lo.. so I went to open wine!!!!!! I saw De Yang face no no.. his eyes with $.$ lerrr he anggap alcohol drinks is treasure hahaha.. So we actually drank 1 bottle of 750 ml and 1/4 bottle of 1.5litre red wine.. with only 10 of us.. I actually enjoyed the party so I drank few shots down my troat and in the end got my face became reddish aiks... hey.. suzanne, xinyi and jin face also red kayyssss... Show you guys the photo ..

All the red red faces ho ho... I'm not drunk kay!
me the wine openeropen liao.. have to serve also lo.. waiter of the day me la of coz =)

After drinking, I brought down my ps2 and all of us start to rock it!! Playing some games like Marvel vs Capcom 2, Chocobo racing.. ahaha.. not bad la.. all have their own skills to play.. some people play until like gila only for example.. see the photo!!!

look crazy people addicted to games wakakka...

Later.. Ken suggest to go back home and that time is around 11.30p.m. sad... then all also wanna go back de.. eeeek!!! stupid KEN!!! Before going home.. we took some photos again.. then I lead them back out to highway and they make their way back.. hope they dun get lost hahaha *runs*

wah.. jin.. no need to go so near de.. know you pretty la
finally a pefect photo after few adjustment but peg-gy not here =(
Just before they leave..

Well.. me, cat, yi hong, jeff all staying overnight at peg-gy's place.. we played chor dai di, ps2 la.. black jack then later one by one we all sleep de.. the last one was Jeff who practicing his burnout skills to challenge me wakkaka.. I think he slept around 4am.. Stupid clock ticking so loud awake me thrice.. once at 6 another one at 7 and last one at 8.. so I woke up at 8 something la.. after Jeff.. Went to eat breakfast later together with some of peg-gy's DJ frens.. Peg-gy so geng.. didn't sleep for whole night!!! After that, we continue to play ps2 then we went back home around 1.30p.m. So I fetch yi hong and cat back to yi hong's place.. darn!!!! his banglo dammm dammm big!!!! rich fella lerrr.. then I fetch Jeff back.. Once I reach home.. I Kong OUT straight away.. I guess I'm toooooooo tired.. well.. it was really a fun night.. Thanks peg-gy and all other frens.. Really enjoy with you guys.. Can't wait fer next outing xD

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